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Maintenance of laundries

Two decades of full dedication to the world of industrial laundry machinery provide us with the knowledge and experience necessary in this sector. One of the most important learnings that we have acquired throughout this time is that, without good maintenance, even the best machinery is profitable.

Our conviction has led us to create a maintenance service for industrial laundries designed to optimize the investment of our customers. With periodic maintenance, much of the damage is prevented. Your business will always be at full capacity, ready to obtain maximum profitability.

Maintenance as a synonym of profitability

A repair, however small, always involves a higher cost than the regular maintenance of the machines. When a fault occurs due to lack of maintenance, your laundry suffers delays in service.

In addition to the economic losses to have the machines stopped, your brand image suffers a deterioration that has a higher cost as far as credibility is concerned.

The better your equipment works, the better the results will be for your business, both in quality and profitability. For this reason, we pay special attention to offer a laundrette maintenance service tailored to the needs of our customers.

Comprehensive service at all levels

At Drylav we are convinced that a company with all the guarantees can not limit itself to selling and repairing industrial laundry machines on demand. We believe that the key to success in a sector like this lies in a global service, including advice, sale, repair and maintenance.

We are at your disposal to offer you the maintenance service with the periodicity you need, annual, semi-annual or quarterly.

Their machines are always ready and working at full capacity.

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